Google Plus Photo Size

Posted: November 1, 2012

While the Google+ social network doesn’t currently have the popularity that Facebook and Twitter do, there are still many good reasons to setup your business’ page, especially with Google’s search results giving more prominence to Google+ Pages. Part of optimizing your Google+ page is making sure you use appropriately sized graphics. The 2 key graphics to be added and their image dimensions are:

Profile Photo: 250px X 250px
Cover Photo: 890px X 180px

Google Plus Page Photo Dimensions

Google+ Page Photo Dimensions

When changing your Google+ Photos, you are able to upload larger photos and then drag and crop them using Google’s tools. However knowing these dimensions in advance let’s you pre-plan what photos to use and to make images the correct proportions, especially for logos that are often wider than they are high.

Lastly, make sure to choose captivating and attention grabbing images for your business. Google is already displaying Google+ images in their search results and using the appropriate imagery can grab the searching user’s attention and lead to an increased click-thru rate.

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